Advantages to Neptune Boat Lifts:

– Completely Self-maintained Sealed for Life All Aluminum Direct Drive Gear Boxes available in Standard Speed, our G3 Ultra High Speed Model, and our New G6 SuperFast Direct Drive;
– All American Made 6061 T6 Marine Grade Aluminum and Stainless Steel Construction – Welded Together – Not Bolted Together;
– Sealed Stainless Steel Tropical Grade Motors – No Motor Cover Required;
– Heavy Duty, Easily Adjustable Guide Poles;
– Option: Our Exclusive SEArmor Package, Includes Military Spec Anodized Cable Winders, Sealed Stainless Steel Motors, Nylon Drive Shaft Covering, Nylon Furniture Grade Guide Poles. This feature Affords the Owner Extended Winder Durability and Unsightly “Chalked” up Guide Poles;
– Aluminum Pulleys with Greasable Bearings (1” Thick verses “others” ¾” Thick). Neptune’s Proprietary 1” extra wide Sheaves (Pulleys) include an internal machined grease groove. This feature allows for significantly lower maintenance, quieter operation and extended longevity of the Pulleys and Axles;
– Custom Extruded Aluminum Bearing Blocks;
– Standard Fully Carpeted #1 Pressure Treated Wooden Bunks with Custom Angle. Our optional Aluminum Bunks are the perfect fit for a Standard V-Hull Boat, but with so many variations of boats out there Neptune is able to provide the proper bunking system to lift your boat perfectly each time. From Step Hulled Boats, Catamaran Boats, Pontoon Boats, Keeled Boats to Sailboats – by providing us with the make and model of your boat we will assure you have the proper system needed;
– We have a “quick adjustment” cable feature which simplifies cable/cradle adjustments. With this feature the cable has bare ends so that no “custom” cables are required, saving time and money on cable replacement;
– Our replacement wireless remote control, hand-held transmitters are substantially less expensive. (People lose them all the time and do not like $80 replacements).

The structural integrity of the aluminum and stainless steel members are warranted for a period of 10 years.
1. The gearboxes are warranted for a period of 5 years.
2. The Motors are warranted for a period of 2 years.
3. All other components are warranted for a period of one year.

All Neptune Lifts are designed to 180 MPH Winds and are the only lifts in the industry designed to withstand 73 MPH Hurricane Force Winds with the BOAT ON THE LIFT (properly secured, of course).

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