Neptune’s Elevator’s are available in Three different Drive Configurations:

– Enclosed Belt Drive (EBD) – Sealed and Enclosed Drive Unit with Belt and Pulley System;
– Direct Drive – Sealed and Self maintained Drive Unit All Aluminum with Stainless Steel Motors;
– Ultra Fast H2 High Speed Direct Drive – same as the Direct Drive, over twice as fast.

The Flat Plate Drive utilizes 40 year old technology. While it remains the “Industry Standard” It is significantly slower than the EBD, or the Direct Drive Unit, and utilizes an exposed worm gear, making it prone to very high temperatures, dripping grease and substantially higher maintenance.

Delrin upper & lower roller wheels – not Phenolic/Nylon wheels
Neptune chooses the Delrin product due to its extreme durability and long-term wear characteristics. Phenolic and Nylon rollers are susceptible to UV Degradation and water absorption.
Delrin Side Rollers – not Plastic “Scrub Pads”
The side of Elevator Arms tend to rub on the Tracks over time. The industry standard is to place plastic scrub pads on the edges of the arm to reduce friction when rubbing. Neptune’s proprietary Delrin Side Rollers are cut and welded into the Lift arms to provide less friction, wear and noise.
Optional SEArmor Teflon Coated Corrosion Resistant Winders not Bare Aluminum Winders
Corrosion occurs on Elevator winder grooves due to the dissimilar Aluminum Winder being in direct contact with the Stainless Steel cables. Salt water on the cables and hot sun increase the rate of corrosion. Neptune’s Hard Anodizing & low friction coating dramatically reduce the rate of corrosion on the winder grooves, increasing the Lifts useful life.
Extra wide 1” Pulleys with Internal Grease Grooves
Neptune’s Proprietary 1” extra wide Sheaves (Pulleys) include an internal machined grease groove. This feature allows for significantly lower maintenance, quieter operation and extended longevity of the Pulleys and Axles.
Standard 11 lb. Zinc anodes verses 4.2 lb. Zinc anodes
Electrolysis is the single greatest risk to an Elevator. Neptune’s proprietary anode uses more than 2 1⁄2 times the Zinc (Cathodic) protection (11 pounds vs. 4.2 pounds) on each Elevator Track. Stray currents from your power or a neighbor can quickly cause costly (non warranty) repairs.
Standard Aluminum Bunks with Black Vinyl Covering (For V-Hull Boats) – or Custom Bunking is Available
Our Aluminum Bunks are the perfect fit for a Standard V-Hull Boat, but with so many variations of boats out there Neptune is able to provide the proper bunking system lift your boat perfectly each time. From Step Hulled Boats, Catamaran Boats, Pontoon Boats, Keeled Boats to Sailboats – by providing us with the make and model of your boat we will assure you have the proper system needed.
Furniture Grade PVC Guide Poles – not white PVC “Water Pipe”
Standard PVC pipe tends to “Chalk” over time and does not include any UV Protection.

All Neptune Lifts are designed to 175 MPH Winds and are the ONLY lifts in the industry designed to withstand 135 MPH Hurricane Force Winds with the BOAT ON THE LIFT (properly secured, of course).

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