From a floating dock to a stationary dock, or even a boat lift, your project goes through a careful design process before construction begins. We will check out your property, ask what design you are looking for, and examine your water’s conditions. After that, we will draft designs based on the style and size you desire. We will work closely with you to design the dock
of your dreams.

Permit to build a dock
Getting a permit can be a time consuming process that is easy to mess up. Our experienced office staff will handle 100% of all that paperwork for you, and be in direct contact with your county’s officials. You avoid the confusion, do not waste your time, and can be confident you will get your permit as quickly as possible.

Dock Installation
Our expert team has built hundreds of docks and has over a decade of experience. Your dock will be installed as quickly and safely as possible.

Maintenance and inspection
A safe dock does not end at construction. Regardless of how well designed, regular maintenance is required to protect it from the elements.

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